All milkshakes are not created equal

In a world full of dieting, exercise and goals to look your best there are a lot of foods that you may steer clear of. High sodium, countless carbs and anything fried can be considered some of the biggest hazard zones. You may also try to stay away from sweets, and that can be the hardest part of your journey. Take milkshakes for example; most milkshakes are high in sugar and are usually somewhere around the 400 calorie mark. However, all milkshakes are not created equal. Here are just a few healthy milkshake ideas, less than 300 calories each, you won’t feel guilty about:

Pumpkin pie shake

With the smells of pumpkin spice filling the air, it is a good indicator that fall is approaching! While this shake makes a great seasonal treat, you can enjoy the health benefits of pumpkin year round. You will get a good source of calcium from the milk and pumpkin contains organic beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A.


•Reduced-fat vanilla ice cream
•Fat-free milk
•Brown sugar
•Pumpkin-pie spice
•Fat-free whipped topping
Calories: 198

Banana cream pie shake

You can have your pie without eating it. This banana cream pie shake tastes like the real thing and has half the calories of a slice of pie. This high fiber shake has almost 10 grams of protein. Not only that, drinking one of these for dessert will give you more than 30 percent of your recommended daily calcium intake.


•Ripe bananas
•Low-fat vanilla yogurt
•Vanilla extract
•Low-fat milk
•Non-fat dry milk
•Graham cracker crumbs (whole wheat)
Calories: 216

Espresso soy milkshake

What’s better than both your favorites? Coffee and ice cream come together in this shake to provide a sweet treat and a caffeine boost. This delicious dessert is vegan-friendly and has some extra health benefits because of the caffeine, which has been known to lower the risk of diabetes.


•Low-fat soy milk
•Fat-free chocolate syrup
•Instant espresso granules
•Vanilla soy ice cream
Calories: 290